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2007 Land Between the Lakes Camera Survey


Land Between the LakesRemote Camera Survey in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Eastern Cougar Foundation's current remote camera project is being conducted at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation located in western Kentucky and Tennessee. LBL consists of 170,000 acres and is currently managed by the US Forest Service.

ECF Volunteers, Judy Tipton and Dana Hurt started the remote camera project in late December 2006. Camera locations were chosen with the advice and direction of LBL staff. The cameras were placed on game trails and abandoned logging roads. ECF also used lures/scents to attract wildlife to camera locations. The attractants used were cougar urine, estrous cougar urine and Canine call. The remote cameras were removed in April 2007 for battery replacement, and to avoid encountering seed tick infestations. Judy and Dana are planning to return to LBL in late August 2007 to continue with the project, which is permitted until December 2008.

The remote camera project continued in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area with cameras being set in late December 2007, and then taken down in March of 2008. In addition, to the remote cameras, Gauthier pheromone scent and hair trap posts were also set. The cameras did not capture any pictures of cougars. The scent/hair posts still had pheromone in the bottles, so they were left without the use of the remote cameras. The cameras flashing and making noise could hinder a possible cougar from rubbing on the posts. Our plans are to return to LBL after the spring turkey hunt is concluded.

The LBL Camera Trapping Project (pdf 1.2MB)

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